ONLINE: The Elements of a Successful Painting

Oct 26-29, 2020

9:30am - 4pm

REGISTRATION: Opens July 15, 2020


Limit 22 participants

$325 for NWWS members,
$425 for non-members

In this four-day online workshop, students will focus on the main elements that can make all the difference in turning what would have been an average painting into an exciting award winner.

Each day Ron will discuss different painting elements that have made him the successful artist he is today. He will help you root out bad habits that may be holding you back as an artist.

The online element of this workshop may be new to some, however, today’s technology enables Ron to demonstrate then view, critique, and make adjustments to your paintings on the screen in real-time. 

Ron has generously offered to spend time with each artist at the end of the workshop to discuss and critique paintings one-on-one.


This workshop will be online and students will receive a link to the Zoom session in advance of the first day.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Registration opens July 15th, visit NWWS website to get more information. 

You can see his supply list for this class, by clicking here.

ONLINE: 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Ron

1 hour sessions can be grouped for longer lessons

Takes place ONLINE via Zoom




This is a great way to get some advice about your work, help with choosing artwork to enter into shows, and mentoring through an online format that knows no geographic boundaries!

What you can expect:

  • Ron will ask you to email him images of your painting and your resource so that he can give you directed feedback.

  • You can use this hour to get a painting demo from him or use this time to help improve a painting you’re working on. Let him know in advance what your goals are so he can tailor the session for your needs.

What to bring: You and the instructor will talk in advance about what will be necessary for this session.

What this is not:

  • This isn’t a painting session where Ron will teach you how to paint and you’ll follow copy his instruction, this is more of a mentoring session where he can help improve your current work or show you a small demo of how to do something that you’re having trouble with.


This will be an online class that can be seen through A link to the Zoom meeting, along with instructions on how to use Zoom will be sent in an email after you and Ron choose a date and time that works for you both. You can choose to have a 1-hr session or multiple 1-hr sessions, or a longer session!

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Sign up for sessions at Cole Art Studio's website, click here.